HealthRhythms ​makes it easy to measure and care for everyone’s mental health.


Our Passion

We’re devoted to improving the assessment and treatment of mental health. By leveraging sophisticated technology and best­-in­-class clinical expertise, we’re breaking new ground with novel assessments and just­-in­-time personalized interventions.

Current mental health treatment paradigms have significant limitations. We’re radically improving the experience associated with caring for individuals mental health.

Mental health is inseparable from overall health. Medical science supports the clear benefits of stable daily behavioral routines and the health risks associated with unstable routines. We apply sound theory and expertise related to behavioral rhythms​ that identify mental health parameters.
We leverage passively collected data to gain a continuous and refined view of daily behavioral activities. Our objective data helps identify subtle behavioral trends that may not be easily captured via traditional self­-report. By mapping these behavioral trends, we can identify contributing factors that impact health.
HealthRhythms enables various healthcare providers and researchers to make Data­-driven decisions about behavioral health. We transform clinical practice from episodic assessment to continuous and comprehensive evaluation, allowing for a more proactive form of care.

Our Approach

We measure behavioral rhythms in a continuous, non­intrusive way that leads to early detection of changes in health status.

Our method enables a variety of healthcare stakeholders to better identify, manage, and characterize mental health parameters across a broad range of patient populations.

Rhythm Sensing

We leverage smartphones, wearables, and IoT to capture millions of behavioral data points that range from physical activity and technology usage patterns to rates of speech.

Clinical Actionability

We apply sophisticated machine learning techniques to the sensor and environmental data to make the information clinically actionable at the point of care.

Flexible Implementation

We leverage our behavioral rhythms platform to offer standalone modular applications or seamless integration into existing solutions.

Meet the team

HealthRhythms​ was founded by a unique team of mental health care pioneers and information scientists at the forefront of health sensing.

Together, we are making it easy to measure and care for everyone’s mental health.


Our advisors are leaders in their respective fields and are passionate about improving mental healthcare

Dr. Deborah Estrin

Co-founder Open mHealth

Amir Kalali MD

Head of Neuroscience, Quintiles

Dr. Geri Gay

Information Scientist, Cornell